Guardian Travel Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I book?
A: Make your reservation online or contact your Guardian Travel agent by calling 757-312-8008 local or 1-800-439-6804. Our agents are ready to assist you.

Q: When is my reservation confirmed?
A: You will be notified by email or fax if you prefer, within 24 hours.

Q: What is the minimum lead time required for travel?
A: Packages including air, car rental, rail, transfers, or sightseeing require more time than hotel only bookings. It is feasible to secure hotel reservations with as little as 48 business hours prior to your departure date. Vacation packages may require 5 to 8 business days prior to your departure date.


Q: What documents will I receive and when are they sent?
A: Depending on what your package includes, documents may consist of paper air tickets or air itinerary and e-ticket receipt, hotel vouchers, sightseeing vouchers, car rental voucher, rail tickets, and/or vouchers for other services you have purchased. In some instances, documents for last-minute vacations or escorted tours may be issued upon arrival at your destination directly from the local tour provider.

  We offer 3 types of Handling service:
Standard Shipping: Our standard shipping fee is $10, and applies to bookings with departures of 8 days or more from the day the booking is paid in full. Documents are issued after all services are confirmed. Signature may be required at time of delivery for standard shipping depending on what form of delivery method you determine to use.
Express Shipping: Our express shipping fee is $15 and applies to bookings with  departures of 7 days from the day the booking is paid in full. Or, you may choose this option if you request your documents are handled in an Expedited manner. Documents are issued after all services are confirmed. A signature may be required at time of delivery.
International Shipping: Our international shipping fee for customers living outside the U.S. is $30. Documents are issued International Priority after all services are confirmed. Signature is required at time of delivery.


Q: Can I call and ask questions before I make a reservation?
A: We are here to answer any questions you might have regarding a package, destination, or for travel requirements for international travel. However, the majority of your questions may be answered here in the FAQ section of our web site. Please call us directly at 757-312-8008 local or 1-800-439-6804. Our agents are ready to assist you.

Q: What if I have questions after I've booked?
A: Upon confirmation, our travel agents are available to assist you with your questions prior to, during, or after your trip. Please call us directly at 757-312-8008 local or 1-800-439-6804. Our agents are ready to assist you.


Q: Do I have to provide a credit card at the time of booking?
A: Yes, a valid credit card is required prior to a reservation being processed. No charges are applied to your credit card until the requested services are confirmed. Alternatively, we will accept debit cards*, personal checks, certified checks, or money orders if you do not have a major credit card.

* Please check your daily debit card spending limit if you are using your debit card to secure your vacation.

Q: When is payment due?
A: Deposit and payment terms vary according to the package. Please refer to our terms and conditions when completing a booking. In general though, a deposit of $150 - $500 per person (depending on the package) is charged upon confirmation. If the booking is submitted within 45 to 60 days prior to departure (varies depending on the package) full payment will be charged. No charges will be applied to your credit card until air and hotel services are confirmed**.

** Certain non-refundable services such as rail and theatre tickets are only reserved upon receipt of full payment and are subject to availability up to the time they are booked. You may request that we charge a booking in full prior to the payment deadline in order to secure these arrangements in advance. Please note that rail reservations cannot be made prior to 2 months in advance of travel.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept the following major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express. In addition, we will accept debit cards*, personal checks, certified checks, or money orders if you do not have a major credit card.

* Please check your daily debit card spending limit if you are using your debit card to secure your vacation.

Q: Do I have to submit my credit card details over the internet?
A: Yes, if you make your reservation online. However we do accept reservations over the phone. Please note that reservations will NOT be processed without receipt of a valid credit card or other form of payments.

Q: Is it safe to submit my credit card over the internet?
A: Guardian Travel does offer a secure environment for submitting credit card details via Internet using SSL Secure Sockets Layer technology. This is the industry standard encryption technology that is widely used by e-commerce site on the internet. If you do not feel comfortable submitting your credit card details online, please fax your credit card information to us so that we may complete your booking.

Q: Can I use someone else's credit card to pay for my trip?
A: No. Credit cards will only be accepted from traveling passengers. Documents will only be sent to the billing address of the credit card submitted.


Q: Do your prices include airport taxes and fees?
A: All airline tickets are subject to a variety of foreign and domestic government taxes which include security charges, the September 11th Security Fee, airport facility charges, customs and immigration fees, inspection fees and more. The total of these taxes may vary and will be approximately anywhere between $50 and $200 per passenger and are collected by Guardian Travel or our respective travel partners.  Airport taxes & fees which appear on the invoice reflect the taxes and fees that are applicable when the original reservation is completed. These taxes and fees may vary prior to airline tickets being issued. We reserve the right to amend the airport taxes & fees to reflect any changes prior to ticketing.


Q: Can I change my reservation once it's confirmed?
A: Once a reservation is confirmed changes are permitted on certain products** but penalties do apply. Please ensure that you are 100% set on your itinerary and plans prior to submitting a reservation to avoid any change fees.

**Completely non-refundable items include but are not limited to:

  • Air inclusive packages
  • Rail ticket/passes
  • Theatre tickets
  • Airline tickets.

Q: Are there penalties if I cancel my reservation?
A: Yes! Please refer to our terms and conditions when finalizing your booking. Certain products are non refundable once confirmed. Please ensure that you are 100% set on your plans prior to submitting a reservation. We realize that situations do come up unexpectedly that necessitate the cancellation of a trip. We sell trip cancellation insurance through Travel Guard International to cover most eventualities. Click here to review the details of this insurance. We strongly suggest that you purchase insurance with your package. You cannot add insurance after a reservation is confirmed.


Q: What happens if the package price changes after I have booked my package?
A: Once a package is booked and paid in full, the price is guaranteed. If our prices change, no price amendments will be made to existing bookings. However, your package price may be subject to change if it is not paid in full.

Q: Can we extend our stay and what is the cost?
A: Usually yes for up to 30 days. This extension must be done at the time of reservation request. There is not usually a charge unless the package normally has "weekend surcharges" for air flights. Of course, if you wish to take additional car rental or hotels, this does cost extra!

Q: Why is there a single supplement?
A: Tour packages are usually priced on a per person basis. Hence the room cost or car cost is divided by two people. Therefore if one person goes, he/she has to cover the whole cost of that room or the car rental. Please visit our singles travel section for additional information.

Q: Do you offer child discounts?
A: Certain hotels do offer discounts when one child 12 years old or younger shares a room with two full paying adults. Hotel Only Rates reflect the applicable discount when pricing online. Child rates are not generally available on our packages and pricing is based on double accommodations. Hence the room cost or car cost is divided by two people. Families traveling with one child can be accommodated in a triple room. The cost for the third person is the same as our published price for two unless otherwise indicated. Families with two children will require two rooms.

Q: Can I submit special requests with my hotel reservation?
A: All hotel rooms are confirmed on a run-of-the-house basis. Rooms are assigned by the hotel at the time of check-in. Requests for specific room types; non-smoking, specific locations; street view, high floor etc. can be requested at the time of reservation but not guaranteed. Room types or special requests cannot be made or changed after a hotel is confirmed.

Q: What kind of room can I expect?
A: Room types and sizes vary depending on the destination. In Europe room sizes are generally much smaller than American hotels. Single rooms are usually smaller in size than twins and doubles and have one small bed. Triples are usually a standard twin/double plus a roll away or sofa bed. Upgrades to superior rooms, executive rooms or suites are not available unless specified under the description of the package.

Q: What airline will I fly on?
A: Our air inclusive packages feature air travel on major scheduled air carriers. The airline used for a particular package is indicated in the package inclusions.

Q: Can I upgrade my air ticket to business or first class?
A: Certain airlines do allow us to sell business and first class fares in conjunction with our packages at discounted rates. If you are interested, please request information at the time of reservation. Frequent flyer miles and or airline coupons CANNOT be used in conjunction with our airfares for the purpose of upgrades.

Q: Can I request advanced seat assignments?
A: Yes, please let us know your request at the time of booking and we will try to assign seats for you.

Q: Do you offer air only rates?
A: Yes. we offer air-only rates to most major destination worldwide. Click here for additional details.

Q: What extras will I have to pay for?
A: Any items of a personal nature including but not limited to: phone calls, tips, laundry, beverages, meals not stated, taxi and bus fares, passport and visa fees etc.


Q: Do I need a passport and visa?
A: It is the sole responsibility of each passenger to obtain the necessary documents for travel, not excluding passports and visa. For U.S. citizens, usually a valid passport only is required; however, some destinations do require a visa. Visa requirements do change without notice and vary by nationality. It is your responsibility to check if a visa is required; please check with the consulate office of the destination country as to visa requirements. Click here for more details>>>

Q: Do I need a credit card to travel?
A: Hotels and car rental companies require a credit card at the time of check in/pick-up. In the event you do not have a valid credit card a cash deposit will be requested. The amount of this deposit varies depending on the hotel/car rental company however it can as much as $500. We strongly recommend that you travel with a valid credit card.


Q: Does Guardian Travel offer travel protection?
A: Yes. We use Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection.  Hers is some valuable information from BHTP:

Why Buy Travel Insurance? Why should a traveler buy travel insurance? There are as many reasons as there are destinations. However, the most important reasons usually fall into these categories:

  • Covering emergency or pre-existing medical expenses for you or a loved one, here and abroad.
  • Getting you back home if you need medical treatment.
  • Covering trip cancellation, if the weather turns bad, you're called for jury duty or your National Guard unit is deployed.
  • Covering auto accidents you might have if you're traveling.
  • Helping you if you have to cut your trip short.
  • Protecting your flights.
  • Covering your luggage, if its lost, damaged, or stolen.
  • Getting you back on the road fast.

Good Travel protection is essential. Travel insurance can help protect you in these and many other situations:

  • Bad weather keeps you from reaching your destination or even leaving on your trip in the first place
  • You lose your job or are called into military service
  • You are injured in an accident
  • A family member gets sick even if they are not supposed to go on the trip with you
  • Your hotel burns or is flooded
  • You lose your passport and all your important travel documents
  • The airline loses your luggage

 Please review the Certificate of Insurance for details.

Guardian Travel can match you up with the Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection plan thats right for you.

 **Satisfaction Guarantee**

Customer satisfaction is Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protections No. 1 goal.

 **Important Note about Pre-Existing Medical Conditions**

If you buy ExactCare within 15 days of your initial trip deposit, and if the amount of coverage you buy equals the value of all prepaid, nonrefundable payments or deposits, BHTP will waive the pre-existing medical condition exclusion, and will cover pre-existing medical conditions up to the policys limit. Please review the Certificate of Insurance for details.

 Coverage may vary by state.

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